Case Studies

We have built upon over 200 client studies working across finance,telecoms, govt., media, retail, fmcg and policing sectors. Our independence is trusted by Government agencies and respondents – we are skilled  in the conduct of specialist research on the most sensitive of subjects including terrorism research in the UK. Internationally here are a few examples of case studies across an increasingly global footprint.

International student research

Exploring global university preferences: We carried out a 15 country study to better understand the drivers to pay for undergraduate and postgraduate education in the UK and specifically the University located in Central England. Field involved niche engagement and negotiating access through networks from Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Ghana, Hong Kong, India , Indonesia, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar , Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Global research

Non Muslim and Muslim attitudes towards Halal: Groundbreaking quantitative research study comprising 7000 face to face interviews across 14 countries exploring key attitudes of Muslims  and non Muslims towards Halal. 3500 interviews with Muslims across Pakistan, Malaysia, Morocco, Qatar, UAE , Turkey and Bangladesh. 3500 interviews with non-Muslims across Denmark, France, Germany, South Africa, USA, Spain and UK. Given the significance of events such as Charlie Hebdo, and global events affecting Muslim communities, we were invited to present findings to a global conference in Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone service usage amongst hard to reach communities

A study of Romanians in Spain, Moroccans in Belgium and Senegalese and Mali consumers in France: Harnessing the energies of community kinship groups we trained and developed internal project resources through our engagement Unit to undertake highly specialist consultations with hard to reach communities. The result was a fascinating account of individual usage and attitudes that was enhanced by the rapport developed. We undertook over 2000 face to face interviews using same language resources exploring usage and attitudes of international phone usage exploring brands such as Orange, Lebara, Lyco to name a few.

Ultrahigh net worth individuals research

We were commisisioned to undertake face to face fieldwork with 150 dollar millionaires (defined as income excluding residential assets) across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain exploring luxury car take up Our specialist unit luxury memp comprises of access and engagement with this hard to reach audience. The study led to follow up brand engagement studies with global brands

Refrigerator usage amongst KSA consumers

This study involved 250 Saudi Arabian high income consumers exploring the usage and attitudes of the refrigerator. Face to face interviews involved presenting concepts and exploring trade-offs between competing brands to help the Samsung brand launch its new luxury models.