About us

Founded in 2000 Ethnic Focus has successfully moved from UK multi ethnic research to global fieldwork. Our work with leading global brands speak for our ability to contribute to generating cutting edge actionable insights for our Brand partners.

In recognition of our unrivalled insights in to the communities we research we have been invited to undertake social research on sensitive subjects and engaging hard to reach populations by international government, security and NGO bodies to better understand specific groups through our research.

We provide real understanding and far reaching insights through our specialist research approaches. Such sophisticated understanding of the ethnic consumer, has been the reason that our work has been used by the most prominent brands and organisations across the widest spectrum of sectors.

We have ISO 9001, Royal Statistical Society, and MRS validations. Supported by our in-house multilingual interviewing teams, you can be sure that Ethnic Focus research services add value to all your research needs.

Our values

Our values are grounded in true understanding of the reality that people live in. We believe that it is People make Places, and not Places make People!.Our belief in respecting and working with the cultures in which civilisations evolve make for deeper and richer research engagement that sets us apart from most research organisations. We never offer template approaches and always devise the closest and most appropriate culturally valuable method of winning the trust of the communities we work with.

Our focus is on empowering communities, maximising engagement, respondent interest and quality feedback in order to generate insights. Our fieldwork is conducted using a global community engagement approach derived from the values of recognising the pre eminence of face to face communication research.


  • Over 15 years building community relations across several continents
  • Bespoke fieldwork and sampling according to the respective country
  • Established fieldwork teams and presence across MENAP, ASIAPAC etc
  • Experience of multi ethnic migrant work and community engagement through developed networks.
  • Training and employing local communities to research within their own communities where appropriate
  • Localised understanding
  • Cultural relevance
  • Sector specific understanding – youth, older people, religious groups
  • Drinks and Beverage trend research. Financial propensity research. Social research
  • Doctorate led research methodology
  • Commitment to partnership


Ethnic Focus has generated considerable interest from global companies and organisations keen to understand and gather important opinions. We deliver research findings to international conferences, and undertake client specific consultancy work.We provide best practice on how best to engage hard to reach groups through sampling approaches that generate a representative picture as far as possible , rather than a skewed representation that has been evidenced by skewed findings – a criticism levelled at polling organisations conducting research with Muslim populations in the UK for example. Our in-house expert Dr Saber Ali Khan has expertise of conducting research whilst employed at Surrey Police HQ on inclusive policing, research agency on the British Crime Survey with lead expertise on engaging hard to reach ethnic groups, led on research on Stop and Search , communication research on Black on Black gun violence, commissioned by the Metropolitan Police Authority to carry out internal research following the shooting of Charles De Menezes, delivered presentations at international policy makers on our research with Muslim attitudes, and presented global research across the Middle East, Far East and Europe examining attitudes towards Muslim populations. Please contact Dr Saber for any requirements for designing a study, or collaboration.


Ethnic Focus is committed to collaborative working. For further information please contact info@ethnicfocus.com


The team


Saleem Akhtar
Field Study Client Support Lead

Born in Manchester, England Saleem is a specialist in consumer engagement approaches and is the first point of contact for enquiry and client support across multiple country studies. With a degree in Psychology she has been at the forefront of field management for telecoms, charities, government and retail studies. She also specialises in research pertaining to the multi billion Halal buying global market.

Gary Long

Gary Long
Peer to Peer Facilitator Lead

Gary is an award winning community engagement specialist working on disadvantaged community access. Gary provides a pivotal role in developing approaches that foster enhanced participation and rapport. Gary specialises in community cohesion approaches especially in European contexts and has been at the forefront of one to one and group dynamic analysis.

Vernon Osborne

Vernon Osborne
Administrative Logistics Co-ordinator

Born in Sheffield, Vernon has parents from the tiny Caribbean Island of Montserrat. He leads on logistics co ordination for projects. He has worked across 100 studies covering the most varied of briefs and territories, He manages all quality control process and has been awarded a Diploma in Quality Management by the Chartered Management Institute.